Devanagiri Transliteration (I.A.S.T) Keyboard layout for OSX

मम किमपि transliteration कार्यम् आसीत् संसकृतभाषायाः आङ्गिलं प्रति ।  किन्तु एतस्मै कार्याय OSX माध्ये किमपि keyboard व्यवस्था नासीत्।  अतः अहम् स्वयम् एकं layout कृतवान्, I.A.S.T standards उपयुज्य।

Here is a link to the layout file: Download Link

Once its downloaded, go to the library folder and place this file in the “keyboard layouts” folder.  Then restart your computer and apply the layout via System Preferences > Keyboard >Input Sources and then add the layout in the menu that pops up when you press the “+” icon in the lower left hand corner.

Once this is done, select the layout and you’re ready to use it!

All the commands you’ll need are option, shift and option+shift.  Using these, you can access all the letters in the Devanagari alphabet.  Happy transliterating!

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